PillPacPlus - A Medicine Management Solution

We, as Pharmacists know, the difficulties that can arise when our patients have to take multiple medications, often at different times throughout the day. It can be difficult to track whether you have taken a certain tablet today or to remember what time that particular medication should be taken at.

That’s why as a company we have decided to invest in a new Medicine Management Solution that is a free service to our customers – and that service is Pill Pac Plus.

All of you medications are pre-sorted by us into individual sachets, that are labelled for the day and the time that you are due to take them. At the designated time simply tear open the sachet and take your medication. It comes in a very compact and convenient package to allow you to easily store the your medication.

Going on holiday or away for a couple of nights? Simply tear off the medication for the relevant days and take them with you.

We are rolling this service out in the Bangor area to start with – so if you, or someone you care for, would like to start using the service contact our 10 Church Street Pharmacy on 028 9127 1989 and they will be happy to discuss it with you.